The unfortunate news regarding the massive earthquake and tsunami in Donggala and Palu, Central Celebes, has called DKSH Indonesia and Wicaksana (which now is part is the DKSH Group) to take concrete actions to help the victims of the catastrophe. The two companies have initiated a donation-driven activity involving all employees spread around the country.

Jakarta, Indonesia, October 26, 2018 – DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, represented by DKSH Indonesia and PT Wicaksana Overseas International, Tbk have gathered donation from employees and affiliated companies. The employees have shown their sympathy and enthusiasm to be part of this initiative.

The total proceedings donated were converted to dry foods, milks, baby diapers, toiletry and sanitary goods, cloths, blanket and sarongs. All packages were handed to the Indonesian Red Cross in Surabaya and were dispatched to Palu from Tanjung Perak harbor, Surabaya.

This action for a good cause has received great support from DKSH’s CEO, Stefan P. Butz. The company has agreed to donate further funding in addition to what has been collected by DKSH and Wicaksana in Indonesia. DKSH will collaborate with a national non-government organization which is entrusted to help in the affected areas, either via an emergency response program or in the rehabilitation phase.

Stefan P. Butz, CEO, DKSH Holding, commented, “Our thoughts and feelings are with all the people in Indonesia who lost their lives or were injured, and their families. It is a shock for us to see the severe damages that this incident caused. We hope that our contributions can help to reduce the burden of suffering for the victims in the affected area and wish all Indonesians the best.”