Good Corporate Governance


Good Corporate Governance

General Meeting of Shareholders

On 29 Juli 2022, the Company’s held an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) related with Annual AGMS agenda, changes of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors and Amendment of the Company’s Articles of Association with the prevailing OJK Regulation 15/2020 and Financial Services Authority Regulation on Implementation of the Electronic General Meeting of Shareholders of a Public Company (“POJK No. 16/2020”). The company has reported this change and has been approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee consists of three members, led by Mr.Haji Suhadi, SH., Independent Commissioner, while the other two members are from external independent person. The other two members are Mr.Robert Darmadi and Mr.Stan Pranoto.

The duties of the Audit Committee are to assist the Commissioners in performing their duties to supervise the management of the Company.

The Audit Committee provides oversight and fulfills these duties as follows:

  1. Reviewing the annual and quarterly financial statements,
  2. Providing an opinion on report conveyed by the Board of Directors to the Board of Commissioners,
  3. Reviewing the Company’s compliance with the applicable capital market laws and regulations.

In 2020, the Audit Committee held 4 (four) meetings in one year.

Internal Audit Unit

The Company has an Internal Audit Unit headed by Mr. Chrisangga Prawira, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Bunda Mulia University. The Head of Internal Audit is responsible to the Board of Directors and provides regular updates on the status of significant audit action items and the annual audit plan to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

The Company formed the Internal Audit Unit on September 20, 2017, in accordance with POJK No.56/POJK.04/ 2015 concerning the Formation and Guidelines for the Formation of Internal Audit Unit Charter. In accordance with the Internal Audit Unit Charter, the Internal Audit Unit is responsible to the Board of Commissioners through the Audit Committee, and administratively is responsible to the President Director. The Head of Internal Audit leads the development of the annual audit with input from Management and review by the Board of Directors. The annual audit plan is carried out by the internal audit staff throughout the year.

Corporate Secretary



Charter of Corporate Secretary


Charter of Nominating and Remuneration Committee


The Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors Manual and Code of Ethic


Charter of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee


Internal Units' Charter Audit


Audit Committee Charter