The Board of Directors of PT. Wicaksana Overseas International Tbk (“Company”) hereby invite the Shareholders of the Company to attend its Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”) that will be held on :

Day / Date : Thursday, 27th February 2020

Time : 10.00 West Indonesia Time – finish

Venue : Mercure Convention Center Ancol Teluk Jakarta Room, 1st Floor Taman Impian Jaya Ancol North Jakarta

with the following agenda :

  1. Amendment of the Company’s Articles of Association.
  2. Change the Board of Commissioners of the Company.

Explanation of meeting agendas are as follows :
The first meeting agenda is done due to the adjustment of Chapter Number 3 of the Company‘s Articles of Association regarding Purpose and Activities of the Company with the “Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia” (KBLI) 2017.
The second meeting agenda is done due to the resignation of a member of the Board of Commissioners.

Note :

  1. The Company will not issue any invitation to each of the Shareholders, as this advertisement is a formal invitation in accordance with Articles of Association of the Company paragraph 4 of Article 14.
  2. Shareholders who are entitiled to attend or represented in the Meeting are :
    1. For shares of the Company that have not been kept in collective custody, only the Shareholders or their legitimate representation, whose names are registered in the Register of Shareholders of the Company on Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at 4.00 pm West Indonesia Time at Biro Administrasi Efek (BAE) PT. Datindo Entrycom.
    2. For shares of the Company that are kept in collective custody, only the Account Holders or their legitimate Account Holders whose names are registered on the Account Holder or Custodian Bank in PT. Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (“KSEI”) on Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at 4.00 pm West Indonesia Time.
    3. For Account Holders of KSEI in collective custody are required to provide a list of Shareholders to KSEI to get a written confirmation for the Meeting (“KTUR”)..
  3. Shareholders who are unable to attend, could be represented by a power of attorney with a letter signed by the Shareholder on enough stamp duty and attach a copy of the identity of Shareholders and the proxy.
    Proxy Form could be taken at the Company’s office : Jalan Ancol Barat VII Blok A5/D No. 2, Jakarta Utara 14430.
  4. The Shareholders in collective Custody is expected to bring KTUR, that is obtained through the Exchange Member or Custodian Bank.
  5. The related materials for the Meeting are available at the office of the Company from the date of this invitation until the date of the Meeting and copies of the meeting materials can be obtained by written request of Shareholders to the Directors of the Company at the address listed in item 3 or through company’s website :
  6. Shareholders or their proxies attending the Meeting will be requested to submit a copy of the identity to the Company’s Officers before entering into the meeting room and requested to be present at the Meeting 30 (thirty) minutes before the Meeting started.

Jakarta, 5th February 2020

The Board of Directors