Since the beginning, our mission has been clear and constant : we strive to be Indonesia’s leading independent nationwide distributor, for both local and international fast moving consumer products. This means we strive to give the best value to customers, suppliers, principals, employees and shareholders.

This level of commitment demands that we concentrate all of our efforts toward excellence of both products and services. Without a doubt, people are the Company’s greatest asset. Therefore we treat our people with the utmost concern. We select our employees with care, not only toward skills but also toward enthusiasm. They have the benefit of regular in service training and personal development programs – each designed to produce more competent employees. Together we are a formidable team.

In developing our business network we have long held to the ideas of synergy and linkage. We believe that a new product  or service will have a greater chance of success if it is effectively linked with existing operational systems, outlets and standard corporate practices.

Regardless of the scale of a business, we are committed to the success of those principals who have chosen us as their partners. In the course of our growth we have established cooperative relationships with a range of manufacturers.